Proposed Legislation

Council Member Caban’s bill that would prevent HRA from deducting a utility allowance deductions in local rental assistance programs.

Deputy Speaker Ayala’s bill to create a comprehensive census to accurately measure homelessness in NYC

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Homeless Services United is proud to support the following platforms and initiatives

Preventing Homelessness
Whenever Possible


Supporting families impacted
by homelessness

Ensuring access to education for
students experiencing homelessness

Increasing access to permanent housing

Renewing New York’s commitment to supportive housing

Ensuring the success of New York City’s Coordinated Entry system to streamline access to housing and homeless supports


Increasing access to Permanent Housing

Bronx Times
The Momentum for Parole Justice

City Limits Op-Ed
How New York can Decarceration
Right This Time


Bronx Frequent Users of Systems Engagement (BronxFUSE) Initiative

NYC Local Law 37 - March 2022 Report

Improved Care Coordination For
Homeless Individuals with Severe
Mental Illness in NYC

Additional Resources

We also Recommend the Following Resources | Reports

Defining the Needs of the
Most Frequently Incarcerated

Data Sharing: Why and How Communities
Are Sharing Data to Improve Outcomes
for People Experiencing Homelessness

CDC’s National Center for
Health Statistics data on
Provisional Drug Overdose Deaths

Civil Gideon and NYC’s Universal Access: Why Comprehensive Public Benefits Advocacy is Essential to Preventing Evictions and Creating Stability



Homeless New Yorker's Need a Safe Place
to Recuperate‐ Not the Street

Homeless Crisis: A Monster of our own Making, by Heidi Martson,
Former Head of LAHSA

Coordinated Assessment and Placement System Committee Page.

Homeless New Yorkers Need a Safe Place
to Recuperate‐ Not the Street

NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance - Solutions to End Homelessness Program (STEHP)

HUD Emergency Housing
Voucher Data Dashboard

City Limits Op-Ed
NYC Slow to Issue Thousands
of Once in a Lifetime Rent
Vouchers for Homeless Residents

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) info

Inside look: How NYC mobile teams turn homeless outreach into a surrogate family